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Healing the present through the past

Past Life Regression as the Opposite Sex

July 1998 at the Omega Institute after my past life regression with Dr. Weiss
Carol with Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in July 1998 after my regression to my slave lifetime

“Time for lunch. Let’s take a break now,” Dr. Brian Weiss announced to the trainees at the Omega Institute, where I was participating in his Past Life Therapy Training in 1998.

Unfortunately for me, I was still laying on the floor, reliving a past life as an African-American male slave in colonial America as though it were happening now. I had volunteered to be regressed and I wanted to know more about that life as a male.

My friend Orna, seeing my distress at being so abruptly brought back to the present, offered to continue the session in her cabin that evening. She and I were already past life therapists, and we had come to train with Dr. Weiss to hone our skills.

Making Passionate Love as a Male!

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Are you Feeling Stuck In Life?

This past year when many of my clients have contacted me to schedule a session they say “I feel stuck”. They are uncomfortable and want to move forward in their lives. Feeling stuck may appear to be around relationships, career, health, family or physical location. Some people ask for an intuitive reading to guide them, others need to contact loved ones in spirit, and many recognize that there may be old beliefs or traumas from this life or past lives that they need to release.

So Why Do We Feel Stuck In Life?

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Past Life Regression – My Slave Lifetime

Carol McGlinchey with Dr. Brian Weiss at The Omega Institute, 1998, after my regression to my slave lifetime

My first past life recall came in a vivid, unforgettable dream when I was nine years old. Perhaps you’ve had such a dream–vivid, detailed, visceral, as though the events were actually happening to you now. You can’t forget this dream and it remains in your memory for years.

In my dream I recalled my life as an African-American male slave in colonial Virginia in the 1700s. I initially didn’t understand that I had dreamed about a past life because I had never heard of reincarnation, but I couldn’t forget it. It led me on an incredible journey that brought me so much inner peace, love, understanding, and self-acceptance that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others discover their past lives and heal the present through the past.

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