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Carol McGlinchey, CRT

First Steps to Therapy and Counseling

If you are ready to discover your past lives, heal the present from the past, and take charge of your life, I’ve got the training to help you. Great mentors have inspired and trained me to offer you the highest quality services. Starting as a magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Connecticut, with a degree in sociology and psychology, my postgraduate studies have included work with Douglas Brady in his “Embodyment” training program, synthesizing the work of Eva Pierrakos, John Upledger and Barbara Brennan. This work enabled me to heal from childhood sexual abuse and to incorporate these somato-emotional healing modalities into my current practice. Then I had the privilege of training with  renowned past life regression therapist Dr. Brian Weiss in 1998,  psychic medium James Van Praagh in 2006 and studied life between lives regression therapy at the Newton Institute, founded by Dr. Michael Newton, also in 2006 .

Past Life Regression Therapist

My career as a past life regression therapist was triggered when at the age of nine I recalled a past life as a slave in Virginia in the 1700s. This profound experience altered my perception of life, opened up my intuitive abilities, and launched my spiritual quest at an early age. Knowing that I had lived before, I could no longer accept the concept that we live only one life before moving into an immortal soul life. When my father died in 1976, I set out to study with Swami Satchidananda to understand the concepts of reincarnation and past lives. I also became a certified hatha yoga instructor after studying at the Satchidananda Ashram in 1979.

I wanted others to experience the same peace and healing I  found through discovery of my past lives.  This led me to train with the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss and become certified as a past life regression therapist in 1998. I’m also a professional member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc. (IARRT)

Life Between Lives

Going even deeper to understand our experiences between lifetimes, I received more training with Dr. Michael Newton at the Newton Institute as a Life Between Lives hypnotherapist. I offer this service to those who wish to understand the soul’s work between lifetimes and who have previously experienced past life regressions.

Psychic Medium and Spiritual Intuitive

As I helped others to discover their past lives and assisted them in healing the present through the past, another commitment was asked of me. Many times during a past life session deceased loved ones of a client would ask me to convey messages from them through my abilities as a medium. My mentor Dr. Brian Weiss has frequently collaborated with renowned medium James Van Praagh and other mediums and this led me to receive training and certification from Van Praagh as a psychic medium. Since 2006 I have  hosted group sittings and private psychic readings using my abilities as a psychic medium to share messages from loved ones in spirit. I am also a spiritual intuitive and offer psychic readings to guide you in your most important life decisions. It is such a privilege to offer you the opportunity to discover your past lives, as well as to hear from your loved ones in spirit. It’s a wonderful way to overcome the fear of death and know that you and your loved ones are truly okay!

The Beautiful Berkshires

My therapy practice is located in the Berkshires of southwestern Massachusetts, a popular vacation resort and cultural mecca. I see clients at my home office, “The Lighthouse”, 10 Beacon Hill, Great Barrington, MA in the village of Housatonic. My satellite office where I see clients once monthly is at The Spring,  Old Saybrook, CT. I also offer phone readings and travel throughout the northeastern U.S. to host group readings and “Discover Your Past Lives” workshops. Many out-of-town clients enjoy visiting the Berkshires and staying at one of the many wonderful accommodations while working with me.  For accommodations and info visit www.berkshires.org

How to Make an Appointment

Once you have had an initial phone or e-mail conversation with me, you and I will determine a course of action designed to meet your unique personal growth and spiritual needs. I look forward to hearing from you and having the pleasure of meeting you, a “kindred spirit”, on this fascinating journey.

Call Carol or email now for a free 20 minute phone conversation to explore your interests and help you find the right solution for you.

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