I’m available for private readings in person and by phone.

A reading helps you see your options regarding relationships, work, family, health, home location, your life’s purpose, and more. I encourage you to “trust your gut” and use your own intuition with spiritual support and counseling. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Although we are immortal souls, we have incarnated with egos and human bodies to exercise our free will. Life is full of choices and decision making. We can make these decisions from a place of empowerment, or allow fear and “victimhood” to influence us. Once we’ve met, it’s my hope that you will use this information to make the decisions that are best for you and your spiritual destiny, with confidence and self love.

Readings are available by phone or in person. A one hour reading is $150. A ½ hour reading is $90. To schedule a reading click here.

Contact Carol now for a free 20 minute phone conversation to explore your interests and discover which services she provides can benefit you the most. 413-274-0286.