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Carol McGlinchey, intuitive counselor, working with spirit guides during an intuitive reading at The Lighthouse

Intuitive Psychic Counselor Carol McGlinchey offers private readings in person and by phone.

An intuitive reading helps you most of all to see your options regarding relationships, work, family, health, home location, your life’s purpose, and more. Carol encourages you to “trust your gut” and use your own intuition with spiritual support and intuitive counseling from her. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. The best readings are those that affirm for you what your own gut was telling you whether you were able to accept it or not.

Intuitive Guidance and Free Will

Although we are immortal souls, we have incarnated with egos and human bodies to exercise our free will. Life is full of choices and decision making. We can make these decisions from a place of empowerment, or allow fear and “victimhood” to influence us. Once we’ve met, it’s my hope that you will use this intuitive information to make the decisions that are best for you and your spiritual destiny, with confidence and self love.

Readings are available by phone or in person. A one hour reading is $150.

Here are a few testimonials from clients who greatly benefitted from an intuitive reading:

Carol, I want you to know that the intuitive counseling session we had last year has been transformative. You gave me the courage to quit a steady job and do something that I love–as a business. I am so happy with the direction of my life now as a professional hiking guide in the Berkshires. Your intuitive guidance was empowering. Thank you, Carol!

-Elizabeth Dillman
S. Egremont, MA

I am so fortunate that Spirit led me by your way. The strain in my relationship with my husband is gone and we both are sailing smooth as a couple 🙂 It was all because you came in at the right time in my life 🙂 Lots of love and regards,

–Lakshmi S.
Tampa, FL

I really value the work you do. I’ve followed through on the advice that came through Spirit and it matched what I was wanting to do. Work with Spirit through you is a worthwhile investment in my future. I will continue to do this work with you to find my direction. You are the real deal.

– M.L.
West Lake Village, CA

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