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Discover the Berkshires with THE Berkshire Hiker

Carol, I want you to know that the intuitive counseling session we had last year has been transformative. You gave me the courage to quit a steady job and do something that I love–as a business. I am so happy with the direction of my life now as a professional hiking guide in the Berkshires. Your intuitive guidance was empowering. Thank you, Carol!

-Elizabeth Dillman
S. Egremont, MA

Past Life Regressions

CT MA NY Past Lives
Matthew Berg, Acupuncturist, Great Barrington, MA

Carol is an amazingly intuitive and empathic practitioner. I found her several years ago in the Berkshires after reading the literary works of Brian Weiss. Carol is/was an essential guide for me in seeking present moment awareness, what roles I played and the lessons from previous incarnations. I recommend Carol to my friends, family and patients. She is a genuine asset to people who seek spiritual and emotional growth!

-Matthew Berg, L.AC.
Great Barrington, MA

My past life regression with Carol was a fascinating experience! To connect with a “past me” was thrilling and deeply healing. It is clear that Carol was born to do this work. She is passionate about supporting people as they learn and grow from their past. Her intuitive gifts are a blessing to this world!
Thanks again Carol! I hope to connect again soon! Hugs and love your way!

-Stephanie Stanton
Canaan, CT

I went to see Carol for some answers because I did not like the results I was getting from standard therapy I was receiving. She had more insight and helped me more in three sessions than I did in years and years of therapy. I would highly recommend seeing Carol. She has helped me understand my problems clearly and I cannot thank her enough for that alone.

– J.J.
Williamstown, MA

We just wanted to thank you for such an incredible day and special time yesterday! We can’t stop talking about and thinking about how awesome it was and eye-opening for each of us, as a married couple, to have past life regression sessions with you. For me, Dianna, it was a life changing experience that helped me understand the direction for my present life. You are fantastic and we are very impressed. We are already thinking about the next one! We will be in touch! We highly recommend working with you Carol. Thanks so much. March, 2022
-Dianna Cortese-Vincent Esposito
Saratoga Springs, NY

Our past life regression session was a huge shift for me. It was like years of talk therapy were condensed into one day. This is my humble opinion but your work is really life changing/changing the world

– Rebecca J.
New Marlborough, MA

I want to thank you for the session we had last February, 2021. I can truly say it changed me, and touched me deeper than anything I’ve experienced before. After our session, not only did I feel lighter, but I also felt different. It was like certain things made more sense… and while my life is far from perfect, and I still get sad from time to time — whenever I feel overwhelmed I no longer want to die.

After our session I decided to start an e-commerce business, I feel motivated to no longer be a wage slave, to empower myself and use whatever wealth, influence or power I gain on helping others find their power.  This revelation couldn’t have come to me, without you. The confidence and peace within me was unlocked thanks to you.

-Eduardo Granados
Miami, FL

The woman is awesome.  Carol McGlinchey has a gift that cannot be ignored, by her, or anyone else who knows her.  It exists and we’re very lucky that she chooses to share it with the public.  I met Carol several years ago and before my first regression appointment, I was skeptical, but I went out of curiosity.  I soon discovered what transpired was out of my control.  I left with a new sense of whom I was and where I came from.  Many personal questions were answered from that first experience.   With each regression, then on to communicating with my loved ones in spirit, I walked away stronger, with deeper understanding of peace, acceptance and the joyful anticipation for life. I am no longer afraid of death for myself or any loved one.  I have learned without a doubt that what we call death is really an exhilarating passage to renewed life.  We take with us lessons learned this time around and we use them to assist and love others who need it.

Carol is a step beyond most of us and is able to share her gift with us now.  She and I live far from each other, but I enjoy each unique session with her whenever I can.

– Rebecca W.
Hernando, Florida

Life Between Lives Regression

Thank you for the work you do. Our life between lives regression session still sticks with me and has helped me understand my life and accept it in a new way.

– C.J.
Pittsfield, MA

 Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Consultation

Carol McGlinchey changed my life. During my first intuitive session with her she mentioned that I would be great working as a pet psychic. At first I thought that was crazy, and put it out of my mind. Up until this point, I had deeply struggled with finding my place in the world, and had no hope that I would ever figure it out. Many months later I came upon a six day animal communication workshop and decided to do it based on what Carol told me about myself. The seed was implanted and during this eye opening week the possibility of me becoming an intuitive germinated through my soul and led me to continue down this path. I could’ve never imagined that less than two years later I would be a Soul Level Animal Communication Certified Practitioner. Thank you Carol.

-Phoebe Hoffman
Great Barrington, MA/NYC, NY

This morning I sat and wrote down my recollections of our session and found such a treasure trove of images and guidance. I so appreciate your caring warmth and your sensitive insight; these gifts made the reading all the more meaningful. Thank you for being such a light in these dark times!!!

Hillsdale, NY February, 2023

Thanks for your time, skill, and caring.   I got much affirmation from the reading and good practical suggestions.   Seasons Blessing December 2021

-Linda H.
Lewiston, Maine

I am so fortunate that Spirit led me by your way. The strain in my relationship with my husband is gone and we both are sailing smooth as a couple 🙂 It was all because you came in at the right time in my life 🙂

Lots of love and regards,

–Lakshmi S.
Tampa, FL


Thank you for helping me. You validated many things that I knew and provided a few new insights. Some of it was difficult to hear. But it is good and healing to hear the truth as unpleasant as it may be. I wrote the first set of love letters this morning. I found it very therapeutic! I also found an ACOA meeting that I plan to attend next week. You have a great gift. Thanks for sharing it with me.

– H.D.

Now that I’m here at MassArt and this dream has become a reality, I have to thank you because I don’t know if I would have pushed myself to do it without the support and assurance I received from you. The past life regression and intuitive reading sessions I had with you really made a difference. I definitely want to make the trip out to see you for another reading.

– Delaney M.
Franklin, MA

I’m thrilled my girlfriend introduced me to you. The experience was wonderful and very helpful!!! I look forward to scheduling another appointment with you soon and also discovering my past lives with you; I sure could use your insight and messages every day!! My husband was blown away by the messages I shared and would also like to check out a session. We will be in touch.”.

– Liz Loper-Jones
Greenwich, CT

Working with you, Carol, was truly an invaluable experience. I learned so much about myself, and came to accept and integrate valuable parts of myself, feeling much stronger and more “whole” after our work together. Though you’re very talented, it’s more than your skill that makes your work so wonderful. I felt very accepted and cared for by you during our sessions. It became immediately clear that you really value your clients and their unique journey. This level of care makes the sessions process all that much more healing. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.

– Brooke W.
Minnesota, USA

Everything that you assured me of has given me such peace, hope, and optimism for the future. It’s really nice to know that what I want to manifest is showing itself through spirit already. Thank you so much for everything, your guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of the resources, I will most definitely use them.

– Chelsea Bernhardt
Naugatuck, CT

Readings from Loved Ones In Spirit

Messages from Spirit Loved Ones Can See Us
Dad may have saved my life. He could see from the Spirit world what I couldn’t see!

Carol, Thank you again for the wonderful reading and intuitive counseling and guidance. I just wanted to let you know that it may have saved my life. I did as Dad recommended and called a chimney sweep. Upon inspection they found that the flue running from my furnace was corroded and falling down into itself – rain was getting in, I was paying 30% too much in heating costs, and in danger of CO2 poisoning or somewhere down the road, a house fire. I replaced it all – and will be paying it off for some time – but when I told the chimney sweep how I decided to call someone, he got chills. He said here’s a picture of what it would have looked like from above – your father knew.

Picture attached. Thanks again.

Update: March, 2018:  I just had to tell you that my mom was also right.  You told me you saw her holding the babies toy in her hand and laughing saying there’s another baby on the way .  Today I found out that Dave’s daughter-in-law is pregnant .  Never doubt your amazing abilities Carol .


-Ella H.
Milford, CT

Thank you so much for my wonderful reading at The Lighthouse. It brought both me and my son comfort. I felt so happy after the reading, knowing that I could let go of the guilt of not being at my mother’s bedside at the moment of her death. I understand now that it was exactly as it needed to be. It was so healing to hear from my mother and others through your God given talent. God bless you.

-Chris C.
North Adams, MA

Seeing you helped me so much, more than you’ll ever know and I’m interested in becoming more in tune and aware of my inner self. I have not beat myself up about my mother’s death since. I have started meditating, and of course going out in nature. It was such a blessing to have met you!

XOXO Danielle N.
Winsted, CT

We all wanted to thank you so much for our group reading. It was a very moving experience for us. You give so much of yourself in your work and I hope you know how much it means to people. I always come away with so much to think about and apply to my journey.

–B. Page
Stockbridge, MA

Still getting positive feedback from my friends about our group reading and private readings you gave when you were here. Thank you for your kindness and for being there for me in my time of need. You really make a difference. You have truly been given a gift.

–Sarah R.
Manchester, CT

My meeting with Carol the first time was by chance.  Friends were going to the Bennington Center for the Arts and asked me to come.  I have always been a ‘believing skeptic”, interested in the works of Brian Weiss, so I figured I’d go for the session.  I had no expectations, just wanted to listen.  As the session progressed I was amazed at Carol’s accuracy and ability to connect.  Since I knew several people there well, her insight was eerily correct.  Gave me goosebumps. After the session I couldn’t help but share my experience and everyone I talked to wanted me to bring Carol back. Arranging with her to come back to Bennington for 10 of my friends was very uncomplicated.  The session lasted well beyond the two hours scheduled and proved again, amazing.  Many long gone relatives spoke through Carol, giving those who remain , hope, comfort, love and peace, and the advice to live life to it’s fullest….  The session ended with everyone feeling fulfilled, having questions answered, just waiting for the next meeting…..

Thank you, Carol.

– Nancy Nash
Equestrian/Fitness Trainer
Shaftsbury, Vermont

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Carol McGlinchey for several years. Her ability and sensitivity are truly astounding. I have been privileged to watch her work with individuals as well as in group settings. In addition, she has connected me to loved ones in a deeply meaningful way. She brings such perspective and peace to those who struggle with unresolved issues and relationships with those who have passed on. Her work is genuinely healing and inspiring.

– Daryl Kenny
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, VT

I went to see Carol for a reading. I was skeptical but hoping to get a connection to my son. The first name Carol mentioned to me really got my attention because it was my niece’s name. I am extremely close to her and she’s like a daughter to me. My dream was to always have a lot of grandchildren and when my son Jonathan died I only had my daughter for that possibility. When Carol shared Jonathan’s message that he was sorry that he wasn’t alive to provide the grandchildren that I wanted he said that “it wasn’t in me to be a father.” Then he said through Carol that “your grandchild will come.” One month later my daughter told me that she was pregnant after many years of difficulties trying to get pregnant. Now I have the most precious gift—a beautiful granddaughter. The hole in my heart left by my son’s death is filling in and healing with her birth. Thank you, Carol, for helping me overcome my skepticism which allowed me to receive this wonderful message from Jonathan. My granddaughter is living proof of his reassurance that I would have grandchildren!

– Diane Cowles
Housatonic, MA

I thought the reading was awesome and my friend and I can’t wait to see you again!!! A relative who is a true skeptic was choked up when I shared the message. Thank you, you are awesome!!

– Sherrie Heath/Sherrie’s Salon
Canaan, CT

An extraordinary event occurred in my first reading with Carol. I went in with no specific expectations or secret hopes, just an openness to whatever happened. What came through was very specific–Jamaica, drumming, the name of a former student and the urgent message that the child she was carrying was surrounded by a golden light and she was not to worry. Within an hour after the session I called my student and related this to her–she began to cry, having been told by her doctors two days before that her baby had a heart condition and might be born with Down’s Syndrome or another condition that would kill him in his first year. She thought that Carol’s description of the messenger was the uncle who helped raise her in Jamaica but she remembered nothing about drumming. She called her mother, who said that as a youth the uncle and his sister were obsessed with drumming but that when the sister died (before my student was born) the uncle did not drum again. My student and her family held on to the message that her baby was surrounded by a golden light, it helped get them through the next months, and the baby boy was born absolutely perfect. She also said that “Just to know that my uncle is still with us brings me joy everyday.” What a privilege it was to be, through Carol’s gift, part of this event.

– Holly Hill
Dallas, TX

You are the “real deal”. I was astonished to hear from my father. It was so healing. Thanks so much for this heartwarming message.

– Bill G.
Pittsfield, MA