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Receive messages from your loved ones in spirit

Intuition : Do You Trust It?

Carol McGlinchey with James Van Praagh Using Our Intuition at a group reading
Carol McGlinchey with James Van Praagh conducting a group reading together at the Omega Institute

Ego Overruled! How My Intuition Guided Me To Help A Grieving Sister

Everyone has intuition. Some of us pay attention to it and learn to work with it; others ignore or overrule it. Clients often ask me if my intuition, my psychic ability, is turned on all the time, since I’m a professional intuitive coach, counselor and psychic medium. My answer is “No!” I don’t want to “read people’s minds” while grocery shopping, even though some people assume that I can. To me, that is a boundary violation and intrusion in another’s life. I only share my intuition when asked. Besides, I’m focused on my grocery list and my needs at that time.

However, I will often pray that if I am meant to connect with someone while out and about in the world that I will be open to it and respond. And here’s what happened on my flight to Tampa.

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Are you Feeling Stuck In Life?

This past year when many of my clients have contacted me to schedule a session they say “I feel stuck”. They are uncomfortable and want to move forward in their lives. Feeling stuck may appear to be around relationships, career, health, family or physical location. Some people ask for an intuitive reading to guide them, others need to contact loved ones in spirit, and many recognize that there may be old beliefs or traumas from this life or past lives that they need to release.

So Why Do We Feel Stuck In Life?

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