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My Past Life as a Slave in Colonial America

Past Life Regression. Slave past lifetime
Carol McGlinchey with Dr. Brian Weiss at The Omega Institute, 1998, after my regression to my slave lifetime

My first past life recall came in a vivid, unforgettable dream when I was nine years old. Perhaps you’ve had such a dream–vivid, detailed, visceral, as though the events were actually happening to you now. You can’t forget this dream and it remains in your memory for years.

In my dream I recalled my life as an African-American male slave in colonial Virginia in the 1700s. I initially didn’t understand that I had dreamed about a past life because I had never heard of reincarnation, but I couldn’t forget it. It led me on an incredible journey that brought me so much inner peace, love, understanding, and self-acceptance that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others discover their past lives and heal the present through the past.

Past Life Memories Lead to New Discoveries About Myself

The next morning after this vivid dream, I asked my mother to buy me some “gospel” music. I had never heard it; we lived in a “white” community and I had never met any African-Americans or worshipped in a “black” church. But I knew I had to have this music. When I received an album of gospels recorded by Marian Anderson, an African-American opera singer, I was transported back into a soul memory, a time and place, when slaves were sustained by the music they created to endure slavery. I played that album over and over and still have it to this day (though I no longer have a turntable to play it on!)

When I went off to college, I still knew nothing about reincarnation. I had been raised in a Christian church and we held to the belief that we only lived one life. I couldn’t make sense of my strong identity with the African and African-American students on campus. I loved their culture, music and dance. I felt more African than Caucasian.

More Past Life Memories Discovered

Finally, in the early 1980’s, I found someone who could conduct a past life regression session and help me unravel this great attraction to my former life. As I relaxed and went back into my soul memory, I felt myself being transported on a slave ship as an infant; sleeping in a barn with the animals on the plantation; being initiated in a male puberty rite that slaves had created to sustain cultural memory; and, as a 15 year old, being sold away from my family . . . .

Meeting Dr. Brian Weiss

Although some of these memories were heartbreaking, I wanted to know and understand more. When Dr. Brian Weiss published his groundbreaking book Many Lives, Many Masters in 1988, I felt at last that I had a mentor. Everything he wrote about made so much sense and I knew I had to train with him. Amazingly, in several training sessions with Dr. Weiss and other students, I returned over and over to my slave life and recovered more memories.

Why My Slave Lifetime Was My Favorite Life

When I tell my clients that my African-American slave life in Colonial Virginia was my most favorite past life, they are often stunned. “Why would you enjoy being a slave?” they ask. And my answer to them is “because I had a great attitude, lived my life with dignity, and knew how to love and be loved.”

Once I was sold away from my family and recovered from that trauma, I realized that I could control my attitude even if I couldn’t control my external circumstances. I led a quiet, peaceful, daily life, plowing the fields, caring for farm animals, and taking pride in my work without complaint. Perhaps this attitude led to my good fortune of at last being sold to an older couple who just needed a small slave family to care for their farm. By that time I had married my soul mate, and our love sustained us as we had a son who died in a farm accident, and later had a daughter. I died peacefully in my old age.

Past Life Benefits

I learned so much from that lifetime. When I work with my clients, at the end of the session I ask them to review the past life and discover the lessons learned from it and how it can help them in this present life. Now I understand in this lifetime why I passionately support the Civil Rights Movement and identify with all cultures. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday is my favorite holiday. When I have a bad attitude and act like a victim, I remember who I was as this slave named Sam, and know that I can choose how I feel and react. When we relive our past lives, we can reinforce the life lessons, take the best from them, and release any stored traumas that may limit us now.

Reunion With Our Soul Group

During a past life regression session one may often have a feeling that they recognize a person in that life as someone they know now. We travel in soul groups through lifetimes to help each other. I have been reunited with many loved ones from my  slave lifetime: my slave wife was in this current life my soulmate and mentor Sarah Chaney Gilliam, who is also my daughter’s godmother; my slave son became my father James; my slave daughter is currently my daughter Sarah, named for her precious godmother. Several current friends were with me in that life and we have sustained the friendship to this day.

Deciding if a Past Life Regression is Right for You

I am indebted to Dr. Brian Weiss for his commitment to sharing the wonderful benefits of past life regression therapy with all of us. Since being trained and certified by him in 1998, I have been blessed to be able to assist others to heal through this highly effective technique.

  • Have you had an unforgettable dream?
  • Are you drawn to another place and time on Planet Earth?
  • Do you feel an instant affinity or aversion to another but don’t know why?
  • Do you have inexplicable phobias, anxieties, or health issues you’d like to heal from?
  • Would you like to experience more peace, joy, and love?
  • Do you want to understand the bigger picture of who you really are?

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