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My Past Life as a Slave in Colonial America

Past Life Regression. Slave past lifetime
Carol McGlinchey with Dr. Brian Weiss at The Omega Institute, 1998, after my regression to my slave lifetime

My first past life recall came in a vivid, unforgettable dream when I was nine years old. Perhaps you’ve had such a dream–vivid, detailed, visceral, as though the events were actually happening to you now. You can’t forget this dream and it remains in your memory for years.

In my dream I recalled my life as an African-American male slave in colonial Virginia in the 1700s. I initially didn’t understand that I had dreamed about a past life because I had never heard of reincarnation, but I couldn’t forget it. It led me on an incredible journey that brought me so much inner peace, love, understanding, and self-acceptance that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others discover their past lives and heal the present through the past.

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Soulmates Reunited
Soulmates Reunited

Soulmates and Past Lives

We have all longed, at one time or another, for that magical moment when a soulmate appears. We wait for destiny to strike and hope that we will be on time and not miss the meeting with the person we sometimes mistakenly believe should be our one and only soulmate. It happened to me many years ago.

Soulmates Connect

Our eyes met across the room. Magnetized, we continued to stare at each other until we had the courage to leave our friends at the party and find a quiet place to talk. For the next three months, Jama and I, soulmates from a previous life, spent many weekends together as we traveled back and forth between our college campuses where each of us was finishing up work before we departed for other continents.

At the time, as a nineteen-year-old, I didn’t fully understand what was happening. I just “knew” that I knew Jama. I was so comfortable with him, even though he was from a different race, religion, and culture. There was a sense of unconditional love and understanding between us. We didn’t need a lot of words, for soulmate recognition often transcends the mind’s chatter and goes straight to the heart.

Three months later I left for Paris and he returned to Somalia. We never communicated again. It wasn’t necessary. There was no sadness or attachment in the parting. Years later I discovered that I had been his mother in a past life in East Africa. It seemed that we just needed to check in and wish each other well, knowing that our karmic destinies in our present lives would lead us in different directions. I recently learned that he is deceased and I look forward to our reunion in Spirit.

Learning about Soulmates from my mentor Dr. Brian Weiss

This first soulmate encounter taught me a great deal about unconditional love and non-attachment. When I later read Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited by my mentor, Dr. Brian Weiss, I understood more. As Dr. Weiss comments, “Relationships are not measured in time, but in lessons learned.”

In my work as a past life regression therapist and psychic intuitive, I frequently encounter clients who are longing to meet THE soulmate. They imagine this to be a powerfully charged romantic relationship with Prince Charming or the Woman of their Dreams who just happens to be presently available, the right age, and perfect. They will meet and live happily ever after. I have come to realize that there is a lot of misconception and misinformation about the soulmate experience.

Who are Our Soulmates?

Soulmates are people who are eternally bonded by their love for each other. They reincarnate again and again to be together. The relationships may change from lifetime to lifetime. A soulmate may return as a mother, father, sibling, son, daughter, husband, wife, teacher, friend…. Soulmates may experience extreme hardships, painful separations, and traumatic deaths together, but the love endures. We often travel with a group of soulmates sometimes weaving into and out of  each other’s lives.

Past Lives Reveal Dangerous “Soulmate” Attractions

There are times, also, when we meet someone and experience a sense of foreboding. We intuitively recognize this person from a past life. We think, because we know them, that we should be “soulmates” together again in this lifetime. Dr. Weiss shares the experience of Elizabeth, who has a pattern of being attracted to “losers, abusers and other toxic partners.” She discovers through a past life regression that George, the man she is currently dating, has been her abusive husband in another lifetime. This time she has the strength and self-respect to end her relationship with him.

When past-life origins are discovered, it is easier to break destructive relationship patterns with those whom we mistakenly feel are soulmates we must reunite with. We don’t always marry our most strongly bonded soulmates. Sometimes our most cherished soulmates will not marry us in a lifetime because there are lessons to be learned from another soul group member whom we have karmic agreements with. I chose to have my only child in my present life with a man I had been married to before in a destitute lifetime in medieval France. In that life I died in childbirth from extreme malnutrition and poverty. He and I made a karmic agreement to reincarnate and birth a healthy child together, although we were unable to sustain a healthy marriage.

Working with a Cherished Soulmate at the Lighthouse

My precious daughter Sarah is named for my dearest soulmate Sarah Gilliam, who was my wife in my male slave lifetime in colonial America.(see previous blogpost) In this lifetime I met her when I was a depressed and frustrated recent college graduate, not knowing what direction to take in my life.  She became my closest friend and mentor, helping me through two karmic marriages to men I had challenging relationships with.

Upon her death in 2001, she asked me to carry on her work, as she was a gifted psychic and spiritual counselor. We work together now in The Lighthouse. My clairvoyant clients see and feel her presence.  Our loved ones continue to be with us in their spiritual bodies when they are no longer physically alive to us, soulmates forever.

Would you like to know more about your soulmates?

Are you wondering if you’ve found “The One”?

Are you curious about any past lives you’ve lived with soulmates?

Are you feeling conflicted about a current soulmate relationship and need a deeper perspective about why you are together?

Let’s talk about how past life regression therapy and/or an intuitive reading can support you in having loving and healing experiences with your soulmates.

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