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You Are Your Own Best Valentine

You Are Your Own Best Valentine: Self-Love and Acceptance is the Key to Love

On Valentine’s Day, 1983, I had an epiphany. I was living in Orlando, FL with my second husband. Both he and my first husband seemed incapable of expressing love or celebrating Valentine’s Day–no cards, gifts, sentiments, or acknowledgment of my ability to love and cherish them. I was at the Orlando Food Co-Op talking to Tom, a friend who was experiencing a lot of pain and bitterness over his recent divorce from his wife, ironically named Carol McGlinchey! As I stood there, it became very clear to me that I was my own best Valentine and I didn’t need an external “Valentine” to tell me that I was loveable. I was flooded with this unshakable love for myself that has sustained me through each Valentine’s Day since, with or without a partner.

Seeking a Soulmate?

Are you longing for love? Do you feel that there is only one soulmate for you and that you won’t feel complete unless you find him or her? I have contemplated this question deeply through my own spiritual studies and in my work as a past life regression therapist and psychic medium. My conclusion may surprise you. We have forgotten that when we incarnate our first responsibility is to love ourselves—we are our greatest treasure. Our Western materialistic world has tarnished this truth in order to keep us perpetually dissatisfied with ourselves. That way, as we feel lacking, not pretty or healthy enough, successful enough, loveable enough, we can be convinced that we need to buy more things or services to feel good about ourselves. This also includes feeling incomplete or dissatisfied if we aren’t in a partnership. Not true, dear one! You are perfect, loveable, and enough just the way that you are.

Falling In Love With Yourself

When we do not deeply love, accept and cherish ourselves we are always looking for the “other”, the “soulmate”, the certain someone who will make our life complete. Perhaps we have come to believe that we’re unlovable due to negative comments, beliefs, and toxic behavior of parents, siblings, teachers and preachers. During my spiritual counseling and intuitive reading with you, I help you to reveal to yourself the false beliefs that are thwarting your full love and acceptance of yourself. Miraculously, when you are able to see that you are perpetuating the problem and that you’re not a victim of circumstances, the rejection, criticism, or disapproval of others no longer matters. Then you are ready to attract healthier friends and partners into your life. If you can’t look into the mirror and say “I love you” from the bottom of your heart and truly mean it, no amount of “I love you” from another will fill your heart.

Let’s Discover Intuitively What You Are Truly Seeking

When someone comes to me for an intuitive reading I always ask: “Do you want me to tell you what you want to hear or what you need to hear?” (The correct answer, beloved one, is need to hear!) When you are willing to look yourself in the mirror and allow me to reflect back to you how you are loving yourself or self-sabotaging, then more love can enter into your life.

  •  Are you longing for love?
  • Do you feel your soulmate is waiting in the wings?

Call me today to make an appointment for an intuitive reading and spiritual coaching. Let’s discover together if you need to change any patterns or beliefs, release old hurts, love yourself more, or just follow your instincts and make that first date. . . .He or She may be eagerly awaiting you. I help you confirm what is best for you and your soul’s growth. And, with or without a Valentine from another, remember that YOU are your own best valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to You, each and every day, Beloved One.

With Love and Light,


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